Gay Scat Pigs is an online community for gay and bisexual men into scat fetish.

Gay Scat Pigs

Is it free to access the website?

It is free to create an account. You can signup for free. Once you have signed up you can access the feed, the groups, use the messaging system, etc... There is no limitation in the number of messages you can send and receive. You will need to upgrade your account if you wish to publish photos and videos and also if you wish to use the live chat and use our phone/video system. For free, you will be able to comment posts, photos and videos, access the forums, join events, message other members, join the groups, follow the business pages and the other users, etc...

Please note that you will need to upgrade your account in order to be able to publish photos and videos. The access to the groups, the pages, the timeline and the profiles is not restricted but some features are reserved to our paid members.

Gay Scat Pigs

Why is it not completely free?

Because this project is not a source of revenue for us but it still involves some costs. We don't plan to make money with this website. We are developing this new online community internally and our team is only three persons. Two guys based at our main office in London and our manager based in Brussels. The live chat and the messaging system is currently free to use. We are restricting some features like video chat. Only paid members can access these restricted features. Subscriptions are not expensive and start from 12€ for a full year! We also offer monthly subscriptiona at 5€ or 10€ depending the selected options and a lifetime membership at 75€ for our best supporters.

Gay Scat Pigs

Can we help you financially?

If you feel that this project matches your expectations then, yes, you can help us. We propose to upgrade your membership with a paid package. Once you have upgraded your membership then 1. you show us your support and 2. you help us to cover our costs. As a thank you, your profile becomes immediately verified and will be listed at the top of the main page. Also you can boost your posts in the feed, same thing for your pages, your groups, the stuff you are selling, etc...

You can also send us money directly (or to any other members) using your online wallet. Gay Scat Pigs

Can we spread the word about this new website?

Of course! We have no budget to advertise our new online community so if you enjoy our new website please let your friends know about it. Together we can make our community stronger and bigger.

Gay Scat Pigs

My video does not upload correctly.

We are not Google or Facebook, we have only limited money so we cannot deploy a lot of servers for this project. For this reason, we have to limit the space used by the video hosting and therefore you cannot upload videos bigger than 25Mbs. Like that, our hosting resources are preserved for the benefits of all members. If you upload a video bigger than 25Mbs then the upload bar will stay blocked and your upload will not be successful. We would recommend you to use an online video converter to compress your videos. It is free and simple to use.

Gay Scat Pigs

Which files can I upload?

We allow you to upload files with the following extensions: .jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .pdf and .mp4.

Gay Scat Pigs

My feed is empty.

Like Facebook, your feed contains your posts and also what is posted by your friends and the pages you are following. So, first, you need to follow pages, join groups and follow other users. Then their posts will appear in your feed.

Gay Scat Pigs

I cannot register.

We don't want fake members so we make sure that everybody here is real. For that reason, you must indicate a valid email address and also a valid mobile phone number. A code is sent immediately to your phone and you must enter this code in the signup form in order to confirm your registration. Be aware that if you don't enter this code within 60 seconds then your account is automatically cancelled.

You must enter your phone number without space and with the country code. For example, if you live in the UK then you will have to enter something like +447891231234 (with no space).

Please note that the mobile phone number used for this verification is not linked with your profile. It will not appear anywhere on the website and we will not use it for marketing purposes.

Gay Scat Pigs

The video chat does not work on mobiles and tablets.

Our video chat supports WebRTC on the most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox, and provides ORTC support for Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, some desktop browsers do not support WebRTC/ORTC, for example Internet Explorer, and therefore are not compatible with our video chat feature.

Mobile browsers including Firefox and Chrome on iOS and Chrome on Android are not supported by our video chat client. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can now use our video chat using Safari on Mac OS X. Other browsers are investigating support for WebRTC and may release WebRTC capable versions in the future. Please refer to this link for the most up-to-date information about browser WebRTC support.

Gay Scat Pigs

Why this website is only available in English?

Ok, let's explain. We know that the new whitehouse.gov website has no Spanish-language content, only English one... And that many people complain about that... But we can assure you that it is not because we are supporting Trump presidency that www.gayscatpigs.com is only available in English. Not at all!!! The reason is simple: we are a very small team. Only three persons working hard on many other websites.... And we work for free to develop this particular project. We use our free time to make this website alive. So we have no overtime to translate the thousands of lines of coding that are behind this website. This is the only reason why we selected the English language to be the unique language available for this website. Every day we receive complaints that the website is not translated in other languages. Well, no, it is not. If those grumpy users who complain wish to have our website translated in their languages then they are welcome to come to our offices and spend hours to translate the endless language strings. And at this point, should I remind those unhappy guys about the fact that the website is only available in English that it is free unlike many other websites. 98% of the features of this website are free to use without any membership so please give us a little bit of respect and do not bother us with your nationalist considerations. Fair enough?

Gay Scat Pigs

What you should do or not...

You cannot harrass the other users, you cannot bully them and treat them unfairly. If you treat the others badly then we will ban you immediately from this website. Gay Scat Pigs is a place of freedom for all gay and bisexual men into scat fetish. This is not a place for bastards and idiots who want to play unfairly with others. You have been warned.

You cannot post photos or videos that are not yours. Any photo that we are detecting not being yours will be removed and you will be banned immediately. You should NOT repost photos downloaded from other websites, Tumblr, etc... There is no point doing that. Gay Scat Pigs is a place for real guys interested to meet other real guys, share knowledge and experience about scat fetish. This is not a place to publish stolen photos from the other websites. Here you will be sure that your content will not be removed on the basis that it is scat related so you are free to post what you wish as long as the material is YOURS and related to dirty fetishes.

You cannot copy or redistribute material found on our website. You will be banned if we detect such activity.

You should identify yourself ENOUGH and complete your profile. In that way other users can be sure that you are genuine. If you wish to act like a wanker please stay away from Gay Scat Pigs and keep invading the other scat websites where 80% of the profiles are fake ones. The idea of our website is to be a real community of guys into dirty fetishes who are sharing not only their photos and videos but also their experiences, stories, etc... We want to propose scat parties, scat bnb, etc... We have plenty of ideas and everyone is very welcomed to join us if you have free time and passion about dirty fetishes.

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Gay Scat Pigs

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