Who Gets a Bum Full of Cum?

Duo have hot sex with piss and cum from anonymous 'donor'.

Received a package in the post containing a bottle of piss, a knotted condom with a nice quantity of cum inside it and a set of written tasks/dares to complete:

  1. Soak each others boxers, whilst wearing them, with the contents of the bottle of piss.
  2. Take turns at wearing the condom whilst fucking each other.
  3. Now useing an oil based lube repeat task 2.
  4. When the condom ruptures the bottom does not expell the contents.
  5. To remind you of these tasks, wear the boxers for the next week.
  6. Enjoy.

Warmed up the bottle of piss and while Jamie was sitting on me I poured the nice warm contents over his tummy and down into his boxers, the wetness slowly seeping through his boxers and wetting me too. The knowledge and associated thoughts of it being a ‘warm strangers piss’ had us both really riled up land we took our time spreading the wetness over each other.

Now bringing our attention to the condom full of the strangers cum, the kinky dare.

Who is going to get a bum full of cum…?

So, we gently un-knotted the condom and via a toss of a coin and using the contents as a lube, slid the condom all the way onto my dick. Ohh the feel of the cool slimy contents coating my hardening erection.

I lubed up Jamies’ ass and slid in all the way, could hardly contain myself and it wasn’t long before I added to the contents.

Then fitting the condom onto Jamie's dick he fucked me until he added his load to the contents.

Using a condom unfriendly lube we alternated repeating the task, setting a limit of 5 mins each, until inevitably the condom gave up and and the plentiful contents released into...

Well I won’t tell which one of us got to spend the rest of the night with a bum full of cum, that's our little secret.

Exhausted and satiated we fall asleep in the dampness from the strangers piss.

Next morning we dried out our boxers that we soaked and we wear them regularly, swapping with each other daily.

We look forward to our next anonymous package with set of tasks to perform....

Could that be from you...?

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