I am such a pervert

What would my parents think of their bright eyed boy if they could see me like this?


What would my parents think of their bright eyed boy if they could see me like this? What would my teachers think of the boy who showed so much promise at school. Shock? Horror? Tears? Denial?

What would the bullies think, the ones who first gave me a glimpse of my perversion, as I hide my teenage hard-on when they forced my head down the toilet. Amusement? Disgust? Horny? Aggressive?

What would my friends do seeing their sensitive gay buddy? Would they think I was sick, try to persuade me to seek treatment? Would they pity me? Would they simply start to call less? Would they disappear one by one?

What would my colleagues do, seeing their respectable, suited and booted co-worker grovelling like this? Would they think I was a filthy, disgusting pervert? Would I get the sack? Or would they start to make my life a misery, give me the cold shoulder until i resigned?

What would my boyfriend do seeing me sucking up the stale piss with such enthusiasm? Having my head forced in further, teeth bashed against the tiles. Spit raining down on my head. taunts and jeers egging me on. Would he kick me out straight away or give me another chance? Would he wonder what he’d done wrong? Would he give me a chance to explain this is just one part of what I am, that it doesn’t have to define me. That I am just as comfortable drinking wine with him at a fancy restaurant as slurping skinhead piss from a trough?

Well I guess I’m about to find out, lost in lust I never noticed they were taking pictures. Never saw them get the e-mail addresses off my phone. Fuck!

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