Would you like use me as personal toilet dog slave!?!

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I'm practicing myself in the house with the smell and taste of the toilet, smearing it on my face and holding it in my mouth or licking,- or eating from bowl. I want to be helpful to the Lord if the Master decides to train and use it instead of a toilet bowl or just lick the asshole

I became a slave to one gentleman at the age of 32. I worked and lived with Master. I was always naked and I wear collar, plug and chastity at home. I clean home, work and kitchen and every evening was tied by door, table or bed - waiting long time coming my Master.Master belted, straped and whipped my ass and every day I sniff and lick Master balls, nipples, armpits, cock,- and Master sit to my face put licking his ass the same time he play with my genitals. I proud of my Master, but Master go back to hes Country by old Dad(93 year old yet dad). I train myself yet last two years to be able and ready for every one Master and learn all aspect of slavery - to change my soul and mind to be redy serve also as dog, pig or full toilet(yes also ashtray) I drink every day my piss, like after taste and time to time piss from one other Master(he love only pissed inside my troath(I'm skilled urinal), but he work in Norwegian and come back two time of year.
Yes,- for my best obedient and training as good TOILET - my ass must be caned and whipped too.

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