Farm - second day - chapter 2

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Please write your coments, any idea or orders for my next level to be trained as best shit pig or dog and toilet for other Master and slave!

The second day the Masters will be ruthless towards the doggies. You, the shit pig, will be branded on your ass cheeks. It will read shit hole. Also, fuck face, you will be pierced in the ears, your nose with a large frenum, you tits, the head of your worthless cock, and your ball sack. Also a chastity belt will be fitted so as you dog slave will not be able to play with your puny dick. This will be done while you are lying on a sling. Afterward you piece of shit will be fed your daily meal which consist of dog food and chow. This will produce nice brown logs for the doggies to enjoy as a treat. While the Masters prepare for the evening, all the doggies will service the dogs in the pen by sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum and also will be fucked in your doggie cunts. Now that the Masters have enjoyed a nice evening meal the doggies will be led in the barn by their leeches...


- please write your idea and orders or place, who can use me.

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