I will find real farm to be trained as dog, pig and toilet slave.

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One Master write me he's wishes!!! You can write any idea or orders to find right place to use and punished me!
If you have any perversions you want added to this story please feel free to let me know.

Hey puptray,
I am going on a farm for a couple of weeks and your coming with me as a dog. Upon are arrival you will be transformed as a Manchurian Hairless Dog. This will require you to be shaved from head to toe, including your eyebrows. Afterward you will be fitted with a dog collar which will read puptray.

Your accommodation will be the dog pen, where a bunch of real and human dogs are kept. You will pleasure the real dogs by sucking their cocks and be fucked by them. You will not be allowed to play with the other human dogs other than when the four Masters allow you to. You will be referred to as doggy (to differentiate from the real dogs).

Your Masters will be one farmer aged 26 and another 56, who actually is the father of the first one and they run the farm. The other two are guest and are Aryan skinheads, the first being a leader aged 35 and the other a new recruit who is 19 years old. They will be there for your entire stay as they enjoy very perverted games.

The other three doggies are aged 23, 41 and 61 respectively. The eldest has lived on the farm for 25 years. He is completely pierced from head to toe and his body is tattooed with perverted words such as faggot, urinal, toilet, scum bag, dog, etc. All three wear dog collars and are used as toilets on a daily basis. They live full time on the farm and do many chores to earn their keep. They service all the guests on a consistent basis. They are always kept naked and sometimes wear mussels so as they do not eat each other’s shit.

Also upon your arrival you will be fitted with a catheter, where the tube is inserted in your asshole so as to fill you bowel as are the three other doggies. The doggies will drink all the piss from the Masters and when their bellies are greatly extended from all the piss, they will empty themselves in each other’s mouth.
You will be required to eat the spit, snot and nose crud from of all the Masters as a welcome gift. The Masters never wash so you will be required to lick their body clean, making sure you clean the head cheese from their cocks.

On the first evening at the farm all the doggies will be fitted with a tube up their assholes and filled with great amounts of human shit, as well as animal manure. Afterwards the doggies will be fitted with a plug in their asshole as to not empty their bowels until the show starts. Also a catheter will be inserted in your cocks with the tube attached to your mouths. This will allow the doggies to drink plenty of recycled piss. Once you have been filled with all that shit and manure, the doggies will go to the barn where they will be used as urinals for much of the evening, so great amounts of piss will be consumed.

To be continued...

p.s. if you have any perversions you want added to this story please feel free to let me know.

Stéphane (admin) 5 months ago

Sounds promising...

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