Sex junkie

Feeling like a true cock pig I started to suck the loads out of a variety of dicks.

As per usual, I’d been up for a couple of days on some good shit I ran across. Craigslist wasn’t working out so I thought I would make a quick trip to the bookstore. Very dirty, very sketchy, and very sleazy. Just the way I like it. Got there about 10pm. Wasn’t very busy, but was not dead either. Dressed in loose fitting jeans with no underwear, barely riding my waist, t shirt and baseball cap. Headed back to the booths to check out the action. Dark and dirty with sticky floors and smelling of piss and sex I headed in. One of the first things I usually do is check the booths and trash cans for any used condoms I might find. Luck was with me as I was flying high and I found a couple good ones. I ducked into a booth and fueled by drugs and sleazy thoughts I quickly drained them in my mouth savoring every drop and fueling my sex drive even more. Next to the task of finding some dicks to suck and some fresh loads of cum I started cruising the guys and headed to the booths I knew had glory holes. Quickly found a few takers after the ritual. Cruise, Peep, tap, and a hard dick slides through the hole looking for a mouth to feed. Feeling like a true cock pig I started to suck the loads out of a variety of dicks. Short, fat, long, cut, uncut. Each filling my mouth with hot cum. When I exited the booths business had picked up and there were a couple hot guys looking to blow loads. One in particular caught my eye and I headed for him. He let me suck him a little bit a few times, teasing me with his cock. He wanted to see me suck dick, so he actually took over my cruising and started lining up guys. I was in cock heaven. After a while he headed out and it started dying down. I looked at my phone and it was about 5. I figured I would tough it out and see what traffic early morning work would bring. Not as much as I had hoped, but a few more stragglers in. By this time I had to piss like a mother fucker and the bathroom was locked that night. Desperate to piss, it started running down my thighs. I stepped into a booth, and still enjoying the struggle of not pissing myself finally let loose a torrent when I absolutely could not hold it anymore. As I wet myself, thoroughly soaking my sagging jeans it was almost as good as cumming. Still high as fucker I went right back to cruising cock to suck. I found a few. Decided to call it a night. Left the store and drove home. As I pulled up I looked at my phone and it was 2pm in the afternoon. WTF?!:I had just spent 14 hours sucking dicks! Not wanting to stop the party prepared another shot and blasted off. It was not long before my mind turned back to last nite and I headed back to the bookstore again. This time it was busy. I quickly got to business and look and hehold, I run into that guy from the nite before. He starts lining them up for me again while occasionally teasing me with a turn on his cock. It was not the thickest cock. But he was sporting close to 10 inches. (I got to run, but will finish this later this evening)

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