Drained and Fulfilled

A true account of the first real time meeting between WCFaggot and his Owner and Master F (f_owns_you) in Madrid, October 2019

Drained and fulfilled


By WCFaggot property of Master F (f_owns_you)


I am a cash slave. I have known this fact since the first time I kneeled down and paid a man for nothing in return. I am also a faggot, and have been so since… well… forever. Not only gay. I have… well always… sucked dicks and offered my young faggot ass to everyone in a manner that most would consider vulgar, or even slutty. Being a faggot means that I really like to be called names, to be publicly humiliated and to be bullied. I am also a slave. I enjoy being commanded, and I grow on being punished.


I am, on top of all other things, what my profile name suggests, a toilet.


My life has changed recently, and for the better. I am since only a few months ago owned my Master F (f_owns_you). He is a young GOD! Thank you, Sir, I worship you, Sir!


Our relationship is not mutual or equal in any way. He really owns me. I am his property. He commands, I obey. I pay to him what is rightfully his: money and worship! We are not friends as such, and certainly not lovers. He is a man and a Master. I am his property and a faggot.


Since the first contact was established between us, I understood immediately how powerful Master F is. Not only is he extremely good looking. He is also truly intelligent, analytical and rough. He knows what he wants, and he gets it. He laughs at me a lot. Not with me. At me. He makes me pay, a lot. But he also communicates with me, on daily topics, and on deep matters that touches the faggot soul and essence in me. But my Owner is, in addition to this, a kind man, and a warm one. He offers generously of his beauty. His pulsating body heat penetrates even his words, and his burning glance melts me. I want to kneel down. I want to pay! I want to worship him! I want his ridicule and spit! And more…


After discussing a possible meeting in abstract terms, an opportunity suddenly presented itself where we could be at the same geographical location at the same time.  This real time meeting took place over the last few days in Madrid, and has been totally mind blowing for me. I will in the following give a short account of how this developed.


I do however have to underline that I was never allowed to touch Master F´s body with any part of mine during all of these events. Only when kissing his feet, and towards the very end, when he briefly allowed me to stroke delicately his bulging crotch. And so, if this for me has been a deeply satisfying mental and physical experience, it is only due to his mere presence and overwhelming mind power. Thank you, Sir!






  • Master suggested that I ought to contribute to this meeting by compensating in advance for his travel expenses and also towards some social events he would attend when not having to concern himself with me. I paid him this money via bank transfer, and could only hope it was satisfactory.
  • When Master found himself delayed due to a stressful morning before his travels, I tried to compensate for his lack of enthusiasm by sending him via bank transfer some small amount towards drinks and a meal.
  • Upon Masters arrival to the station, I was ordered to await him. In his previous communication, Master expressed a wish for me to kneel down as he came towards me, but without making a public scene. I hope I managed to do so. It felt like the only right thing to do. Thank you, Sir!
  • I was then ordered to assist Master by carrying his suitcase, and did so. Master had a need to visit the bathroom to urinate. I was allowed to accompany him in to the stalls, and observe him from a respectful distance. What a stunning sight of pure masculinity! Thank you, Sir!
  • We thereafter went towards an ATM-machine, where I took out the maximum allowed daily amount from my banc-account. I kneeled down and offered the cash to my Owner and Master. He accepted. The money is his. Thank you, Sir!
  • While waiting at street level for Masters taxi, I kneeled down again to express my devotion. He found this amusing and laughed at me. When the car arrived, Master told the driver that I should be the one lifting his suitcase into the trunk. After having done so Master generously spat in my face and left me standing there at the curb. Thank you, Sir!






  • Master contacted me the following morning, telling me to await him in my hotel room after he had enjoyed his breakfast with friends. I was told to be prepared for him to take what was his, and that he needed to use the facilities to alleviate himself according to his routines, and like any man does. Thank you for being a real man, Sir!
  • Master F arrived according to his own wish. I was told to kneel down as he entered, wearing nothing but underwear.
  • As Master had instructed, I then offered him my wallet and begged him to accept the cash he could find in there. He took the money and observing him doing so, I felt an extreme rush of happiness and sexual satisfaction. My master is so incredibly handsome! Seeing him with my faggot cash in his hands, I truly understand that he is only taking what is his. Thank you, Sir!
  • My Owner then gave me a gift that I will cherish and treasure forever. As I was kneeling down, he hung around my faggot slave neck a chain that he locked with padlock engraved with his name, and stating that I was from now on to be considered his property. Thank you, Sir, it is an honour, Sir!
  • To accept this gift, I was allowed to kiss the padlock before the chain was hung around my neck, and then I was told to kiss my Owners feet in front of me. Words cannot describe the feeling. Thank you, Sir!
  • Master then needed to use the facilities. The facility being me. Standing above me, he shat an extreme load of runny turds down on my faggot face, and into my gaping toilet mouth! I swallowed as best as I could but the shit just game gushing out of him. I had to use my hands to scoop as much as possible into my mouth, and swallow really, really quick. I could hear him laughing at me from above me. How can I thank him other than by once again expressing my deep gratitude and satisfaction with my position and what I had received? It was more than tremendous. Thank you, Sir!
  • Finally, Master left me to eat the spills, to cum and to clean up. He was disgusted by me, he said, and wouldn’t take part in my sexual perversion. Furthermore he told me to be ready in a short time after. Never have cleaning been so rewarding! Never ever! Thank you, Sir!




  • Master ordered me to meet him at a local supermarket as soon as I was finished cleaning. I ran as fast as I could, but Master was there before me. He is always ahead of me. Thank you, Sir!
  • I pushed the trolley, one step behind Master, as he filled it to the brink, choosing whatever products he needed. As we approached the till, Master generously asked me if I would need any assistance carrying the bags. I am truly grateful for this offer, but I found it impossible to accept. I am his property and slave. Of course, I must carry his bags, regardless!
  • I paid for the groceries and met Master outside where he was enjoying a smoke. He then led me back towards the house he was staying, always some steps in front of me. He laughed at me as he from time to timed turned around to film me struggling. Thank you, Sir!
  • Along the way, Master entered another shop to make some inquiry. As he was not allowed to smoke inside the shop, I was told to wait outside and to hold his cigarette meanwhile. Thank you, Sir!
  • Masters house was on the top of a rather steep climb along a narrow pavement. I was therefore somewhat out of breath as we approached the doorway. My Owner, however, is very fit, and still looked like he was jogging all the way towards the entrance. He allowed me to leave the bags inside the doorway. I begged him to be able to come in and kneel in front of him. He found this laughable, and filmed me again as I was there like a pathetic faggot. His property, kneeling next to his groceries. It felt so good to be there! Thank you, Sir!
  • Master then spat me in the face and told me to leave. Thank you, Sir!




  • Master spent his afternoon and evening according to his own preferences, nothing to do with me. So, I waited for orders in my hotel room. It felt good to wait, and to long for him. Later he texted me, saying he was just outside my hotel, and that I should come down to the street. I ran down to find him opposite the entrance.
  • There, on the pavement, and in the midst of whoever passing by, he made fun of me, and spat in my face again. I cannot describe how both delicious and humiliating it felt. Thank you, Sir!




  • Our agreed meeting was coming to an end. In order not to ruin myself on staying in a hotel, I needed to return to my home, rather to try to contemplate how to find more cash for my Owner as is my duty!
  • Master expressed a wish to see me off, and also told me that he would need to use the facilities again. I managed to prolong my stay with some hours, eagerly awaiting the visit of my fantastic Owner. He is really convising, and his judgement is correct. I should wait. And when he arrived I was truly rewarded! My Owner is above all magnificent! His body is incredible! His mind is awesome, and his strength and power over me is complete! He stood over me, using me, taking control over my mind, my sexuality and my will! He OWNS me!
  • Again he shat at me, squatting over the toilet bowl this time. Since I was not allowed to touch him with any part of my body, I needed to dig down with my head and hands into the toilet bowl for his treasures. Eventually he left me there like a stupid pig, with his used underwear to suck on after I had eaten all the shit.
  • I my wallet Master found a smaller amount of cash that belonged to him, and that he took without asking. Thank you, Sir!
  • I was left with some coins, and managed to go to the station where I took a train back home. On the way I frequently went to the bathrooms to sniff in, and lick Masters used underwear. Longing for him. Thank you, Sir!


Waking up this morning I realize that I am behind on several payments, that I have creditors waiting and that my bank balance is in the red. My real-time meeting with my owner has drained me financially. I will have to work harder from now on.


Because Master F fulfils me! He is worth and worthy of all the adoration, worship and cash I can bestow on him. I am truly grateful for being used, abused and ridiculed by him. My place is beneath him, and my cash belongs to him!


Thank you, SIR!


I urge all faggots to submit to Master F (f_owns_you)

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