What I need (Part I)

A short story depicting one of my favourite fantasies

I am a very outgoing person, but I keep a lot to myself. Sometimes, when I go out, I hope some guy sees what is yearning inside. A biker would do. I keep this facade going where I socialise and have my energy brewing to liven up any party. And then he walks into wherever I am at that time. 

He keeps to himself but scopes the room. His gear says biker and the way he observes everything that is happening betrays an eye for detail only highly sensitive individuals possess. He skulks over his beer and catches my eye. This man is a beast restrained by convention. His leather biker gear stirs my heart, but I might be a foot off, vertically. I have already decided that I would jump at any move this silent observer throws at me.

When my gentle giant raises his eyebrows, I move towards him. He is huge. From across the room I figured he was shorter than the 6’5” towering in front of me. He nods and gets me a beer. I offer my hand to introduce myself, “I’m Kev, hi.”

He grunts a short “Dom.” 

“Oh, for Dominic?” I ask, and he just grins. I try to keep the conversation going, but he’s still scoping the room and half-answering my questions. After another round, I decide to return to the dance floor but he grips my shoulder. 

“Stay,” he orders. I would say ‘suggests’ but he actually ordered me to stay put. I turn around and look him in the eye, partly to see whether he is serious, partly because he has particlarly bright blue eyes, which I love.

He grins at the ease he got me to stay and tells me, “You will follow me outside. I know exactly what you need. You will get it from me. If you’re deservingly obedient.”

I catch myself as I stare at him, my mouth slightly open, he has got me. He turns around and I notice how tight his biker gear fits him from the back. I would love to say I am too independent to just follow him, but the way he just assumed I am right behind him entices me.

I gather my stuff and go outside where he is already on his Ninja. Internally I smirk, I like Kawasaki, but I never found the green to be particularly masculine. He throws me a helmet, the same one he is wearing, and I admire his confidence. He definitely knew he would get someone to come with him. I consider myself lucky to be the one. 

I get on the bike behind him and he revs as we speed onto the main road. I hold on tight, reconsidering my decision. This man is handsome strikes me as a natural alpha, but what do I know of him? As we are on the main road he moves my hand to his groin and I forget about my reservations. He is hung and hard. I should not be so easily won over but I feel buzzed from the drinks I had and the gruff attitude he displayed at the bar. I squeeze his hard cock and he speeds up. I hold on tighter and enjoy the ride for a while before he slows down at an apartment block on the outskirts of town.

He stops at the entrance of a high rise and I get off. 

“Wait here,” he says, and he rides his bike into one of the garages at ground level. As the door closes I have some time to think. Should I share my location with my bestie who is definitely somewhere out and about? I decide against it, mainly because he would not stop messaging me until he knew I was safe. I tell myself to wait until later. Dom is at the main entrance now and opens the door. Not saying anything, he just stares at me until I enter the building. He squeezes my ass, which I return with a grateful grin and he calls the elevator and just looks me over while we wait. 

I start at the chime, and he smiles shortly as he gestures me to enter. He pushes the button to his floor and turns around to kiss me violently. I return the kiss, moaning as he grunts and grinds into me.

”You’ll serve as a good dog for me,” he whispers in between raping my mouth with his strong tongue. I Only just manage a moan before reach the floor and the doors open. He walks ahead, using his card to open the door to his apartment. As we turn into the small hallway he motions me to wait.

I wait patiently for him to return, he holds a bag and a small bottle of water.

”Drink this, and put this on. You can come in when you’re dressed as I wish.”

i take the bag and the water bottle. He has already moved to the next room, and there is nothing else for me to do but obey. I drink the water, but it is bitter tasting. ‘So he wants me to get high,’ I think to myself. I remember to share my location but include that I will probably be good for a couple of hours. My bestie replies ‘Ok... text me when something happens. Good or bad ;)’

I am pretty confident that I got the apartment number right and I open the bag. I take out the rubber garments, puppy tail plug, restraints and collar. The rubber shirt and shorts seem to be about the right size and I try them on. The shorts have a zip that goes right to the back and I put on the restraints on my wrists and ankles. I collar myself and search the bag for some lube. I look around but there is none. I spit on the plug and unzip the shorts. There is nothing else but to lube it up with my spit. The plug is larger than I am used to, but I manage to stifle a groan as I push it into my hole.

I make my way to the door and I open it.

”You better be on all fours, bitch!” Dom shouts before I instinctively, if not a little late, fall to my knees. I crawl in and see him, still in his biker gear, sprawled on the couch. 

“Good,” he says, “time to get you trained properly.”

(to be continued)

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