Things I Enjoy Doing
Being naked
Being pissed on
Being watched while I’m being filthy
Clubbing naked
Filming myself
Fisting people
Pushing the buttocks apart and sticking my nose in the arse hole
Pissing on myself
Playing in front of a mirror
Rolling back the foreskin and having a good long sniff round the bell end
Rubbing my shit across a blokes shoulders so I can rub my face in it while I fuck him
Rubbing my shit in my face
Rubbing my shit onto my head
Seeing men eat shit enthusiastically
Seeing men get force fed
Seeing men getting shit rubbed in their faces
Seeing men puke up the shit they have eaten
Seeing men smearing enthusiastically
Shit smearing
Sniffing myself
Sniffing the floor around my toilet
Vacuum pumping
Walking down the street with a hard on bulging in my pants
Wanking outside
Wanking with mates
Wanking/fucking in places that stink of piss
Watching a bloke push out a log
Watching HARD porn
Watching people fuck. Gay, bi or str8
Wearing cock rings and ball weights

Things I Need To Experience ASAP
Get fucked up the arse with people watching and then suck the shit of the cock grinning like an idiot
Have a uniformed copper piss in my face (preferably while his partner stands there, arms folded saying “That’s fucking disgusting” while getting a hard on.
Having a str8 couple as mates who don’t care how perverted I am being while I watch them fucking like animals
Having those coppers defile me with their shit
Hitch hike in a brown and yellow clubbing/sex outfit
Saline scrotal inflation
Spend a scorching afternoon in a beer garden being repeatedly pissed on and drying out so I fucking reek
To be allowed to get up and put on a brief show in front of a group of people and do whatever the fuck I want
Try repacking
Use a silicone gun with 18” of hose on to pump shit directly into my belly and later puke it all back up
Watch real brothers getting it on
Would love for a bi army-type lad, 6’2”+, 20’s - early 30’s doin filth for the first time ever, to degrade me horribly while his missus watches him get it out of his system and thinks “Thank god that isn’t me”

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