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Welcome aboard to all our new members!!! Remember, to keep your profile interesting you will need to keep posting. Routine checks are run every day and inactive profiles are automatically deleted by the system. Don't be upset if your profile has been deactivated while you did not even take the opportunity to upload an avatar or a profile cover photo.

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Gay scat party in Brussels from 21/6 to 23/6. To receive all details and participate, join the Whatsapp group:

We are going to upgrade our website with lots of new features within the next weeks. You may notice some downtime. Please empty your caches if you notice any problems to avoid using old files once we have processed the upgrades.

On December 17, 2018, Tumblr community guidelines will change and adult content will no longer be allowed. Here you are free to publish your most dirty perversions. Within the next days we will improve a lot our website with new features and tools. Thanks for your feedback.

Within the next days we will update our code and we will add some new features. You may notice some downtime. If you notice some issues then please clear your caches.

We have processed last night some security updates and we had to reboot the servers several times. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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